Master Degrees

  • Marketing


    The specific and advanced qualifications in the Marketing area are seen as a priority by several organisations, from small to big companies, enhancing the employability of the professionals who have these competences. The fast shift in the market’s tendencies, the new online consumption ways, the ever more global and digital consumer and market’s dynamics imposes challenges to the companies since they have to be able to anticipate this changes in a quick and consistent way. The Masters in Marketing aims, in that way, to address this need for a greater qualification in this area by providing a basis which allows the students an effective organizational approach in the different sectors of the economy. It aims to provide students with competences at the level of market understanding and provide them with the operational tools to act on this market in an effective way, in the different components of the marketing strategy.

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  • Tourism Management


    The Master in Tourism Management aims to respond to the need for further qualification in this sector, providing a base that allows the student to act effectively within the tourism industry, particularly in hospitality industry. The objectives of the course are primarily focused on the qualification of high-level human resources and the production of knowledge in the area of tourism and hospitality. It also aims to provide students with skills related to overall management of tourism companies and to business promotion anchored on competitive edge so as to face the challenges of a highly competitive and complex global market.

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